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Back to Back House Fires - Central Church Rd

Thursday, July 2, 2015
Early this morning, Cheswold was dispatched to assist the Clayton Fire Company on a house fire on Bryn Zion Road. Rescue 43 arrived just after Clayton's first engine. Clayton had a hose crew working on a dryer fire and had laid a supply line. Cheswold's crew was directed to pick up the supply line and start searching the home and opening windows for ventilation. Shortly after going to work, Kent County 911 called Cheswold's second engine to redirect to a possible working house fire in our own district on Central Church Road. The crew from Rescue 43 was quickly relieved by the next arriving unit from Clayton to respond to the second call. The second dispatch brought Leipsic (to replace Hartly who were on their way to Clayton) and Dover, as well as realerting Cheswold. Hartly's units were then freed up from Clayton's alarm and responded as well. Engine 43-2 arrived to find a 1 1/2 story house with smoke showing. Firefighters Mike & Jeremy Chillas stretched a handline into the first floor and knocked down the fire. Chief Brown placed the arriving apparatus and ordered Dover to vent the roof and Hartly to attack the fire in the attic. The fire was contained to these two areas. The assisting companies were released and Cheswold stayed on scene to complete the overhaul process. Units on scene: Cheswold 43-2 Rescue-43 43-3 43-4 B-43 Dover Ladder 46-1 46-6 Hartly 51-3 Tanker 51 Rescue 51 Fire Marshal 13 Leipsic was redirected to cover Cheswold's station. Fire Chief Jeff Brown was in command.

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