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Cheswold Vol. Fire Co.
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Company History
On September 6 1978, Cheswold assisted the Sudlersville Fire Company at the Delmarva Sash and Door fire in Barclay, MD. Cheswold was one of several Delaware companies that were requested to respond. The fire destroyed the towns only major industry.

In September of 1978, Cheswold would celebrate its 50th anniversary. On Wednesday September 27, a memorial service was held to honor the deceased members. Former Governor and Congressman Caleb Boggs was the guest speaker. On Friday September 29, a dinner and dance was held. On Saturday October 1, a parade was held with many fire companies in attendance. After the parade, the new apparatus was housed.

In 1978, the Delaware State Fire Chief’s Association named George J. Pyott, Jr. “Heroic Fireman of the Year”.

In 1979, Elbert C. Golder was named “Volunteer Fireman of the Year” for the State of Delaware.

On a cold morning in January of 1982, Cheswold firemen responded to a fire at the Corrugated Metal Containers plant on the north side of town. The fire quickly spread to the Delaware Recyclers building. Freezing temperatures and a strong wind hampered the efforts of several fire companies to halt the flames. Assisting companies were sent first to Cheswold’s station to thaw out from the ride before they were sent to the scene. Several firefighters were treated for minor injuries including frostbite. This fire was one of several that have made Cheswold infamous in this area for large fires in extreme weather.

Timberwick Fire 1984
During the Super Bowl in 1985 Cheswold responded to a house fire on Commerce Street. Several hours later, the street would be covered in a thick layer of ice and the house was gutted. Subfreezing temperatures and strong winds made even simple tasks difficult. Several companies assisted with manpower and water.

In July of 1986 a new 1986 Ford/Brawn ambulance was placed in service. It would be named A-43 and the 1974 Dodge was renamed B-43.

President James R. Roy, Sr. related an unusual incident at the February 9, 1987 meeting. Apparently a member’s pants had been removed from him and flown on the flagpole. President Roy asked that this sort of behavior be stopped.

In celebration of Delaware’s 200th anniversary as a state, Cheswold received a grant to renovate the boardroom on the second floor. The room is part of the original building, which served as school prior to being a firehouse and is one of the few historically significant structures still in existence in town. On April 26, 1987 the room was officially dedicated with a ceremony put on by the Town of Cheswold and the fire company. The room has been used by various community groups for meetings. The renovation was done mostly by members in their spare time.

Pickle Plant Fire - 1987

On June 13, 1987, the former Van Holten Pickle Factory in Kenton was destroyed by fire. More than 150 firefighters from 24 companies responded to the blaze. They battled the heat and humidity as well as the flames. The factory was being used to manufacture equipment for vegetable processing. The complex had been the site of at least two other major fires over the years.

On April 20, 1988 President James R. Roy, Sr. was awarded an Outstanding Volunteer Award by Governor Michael N. Castle. This award was presented to him for serving the Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company for over 30 years.

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