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Cheswold Vol. Fire Co.
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Company History
On March 12, 1990 it was voted to purchase a new Chevrolet Suburban to use as a utility vehicle.  It was delivered in May and would be known as 43-8.

At the August 13, 1990 meeting it was approved to buy a new 1991 American LaFrance fire engine.  It would have a 1500-gallon per minute pump and a 1000-gallon water tank.  It went in service in August of 1991 and is known as Engine 43-4.  It was also decided at this meeting to donate the old rescue truck to a fire company in North Carolina that had been hit by Hurricane Hugo.  The 1953 Reo was loaded with old gear and other supplies and sent down to its new home.

Tragedy struck the Amish community on June 2, 1991 when two young boys died in a barn fire on Seeneytown Road.  They had been playing with matches in the loft when a fire started, trapping them.  Cheswold and Hartly fire companies responded quickly but the fire was too far advanced to save the children.

The 1992 Delaware Volunteer Fireman’s Association’s annual convention was held in Dover.  The Cheswold Fire Company served as co-host of this event with Dover, Hartly, Magnolia, Camden-Wyoming, and Little Creek fire companies.  Frances Deneumoustier served as President of the Ladies Auxiliary Association for 1992.

In October of 1994, ambulance A-43 caught fire on the scene of an accident.  It would remain out of service for about a year.  During that time, the 1974 Dodge was again placed into front line service.  When A-43 returned to service with a new 1995 Ford chassis, the 1974 Dodge was sold.  It was decided at this time not to replace it and to keep only one ambulance in service.

Due to an increase in ambulance calls and decrease in available EMT’s during the daytime hours, Cheswold hired its first full-time paid EMT/Firefighter.  Howard “Ebbie” Neal started his first day in February of 1998.  A second employee was hired a year later.

Katie Knox became the first woman to complete her probation and become a full regular member of the Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company in April of 2000.  She was followed by Krystle Eacho in 2001.  Today, there are several female members in the fire company.

In 2000 it was approved to purchase a new Ford/Horton ambulance.  It was delivered early in 2001 and was designated as B-43.  The new ambulance featured a larger patient care area and more room to store equipment. A-43 was kept so that Cheswold would again have two ambulances.

Terrorist attacked the United States on September 11, 2001.  Commercial airliners were flown into the Pentagon in Virginia and the World Trade Center in New York City.  Answering a call from New Jersey emergency officials, Cheswold along with many other Delaware fire companies, sent an ambulance to assist at the World Trade Center scene.  B-43 responded to the Meadowlands Stadium complex to await further orders but was returned when it was realized that there were enough resources on hand.

At a special meeting on October 22, 2002 it was approved on a motion to purchase a new fire engine.  It would be a Pierce Dash with a 1000-gallon tank and a 1500-gallon per minute pump.  It would also feature a foam system and a light tower.  It was delivered in July of 2003 and is known as 43-2.

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