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Horse Rescue

Thursday, July 2, 2015

On Valentines Day, the special operations team headquartered at Cheswold was alerted to assist Felton with the rescue of a horse in a swimming pool.  The special operations team dispatch also brings Leipsice with an equipment trailer, Hartly with an air unit and Squirt, and members from around the county.  After arriving on the scene, one member of the special ops team joined a member of Felton in donning ice rescue suits to enter the frozen pool to help calm the animal.  After conferring with Felton's officer, a plan was formulated to remove the horse.  The plan involved several steps:

1.  Felton would pump the water from the pool to help warm the horse while the men in the pool would towel the horse dry.

2.  The special ops team would build a heavy-duty ramp so the horse could walk out.

3.  A large tow truck from Chambers Towing was brought in to lift the horse as a backup plan in case the horse would not use the ramp.

The ramp was placed into the drained pool and the horse quickly ran up to safety.

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